Ugly Produce? Thanks Kevin!!

I just viewed a story that has made my day! It is about a French grocery store that dedicated an aisle to ugly produce.

This is not the first time I have been influenced by someone to eat ugly produce! Actually, my inspiration came from my husband almost 25 years ago…

You see, my husband comes from a family whose mom and dad taught their five children deep-rooted  (get it?) values in nutrition before it was glamorous! My mother-in-law made her own wheat flour, harvested crops, raised chickens, and so on, all on the family’s 10 acre mini farm in ATLANTA, and this was in the 70’s and 80’s!

When Kevin and I married almost 25 years ago, he immediately began doing what he knew…planting his own produce. This was a tradition that he carried on with our children. From the time they were born, Kevin provided our kids and me future memories from this garden of ours. A favorite memory of mine is saying this: 

“Ashley & Timmy, would you go select our vegetables for tonight?”

 Were the vegetables always perfectly beautiful? Of course they were, in our eyes!! And they tasted better than anything we could buy from a grocery store! The best thing of all…can you guess? Our children grew up eating their vegetables! No picky eaters in the Jameson house! Not only were the kids proud of the food they grew, but also they were not given a choice to say they did not want it! Everyone had to try everything.  You got it! They discovered they liked it!

I grew up with a grandfather who gardened and showed me the value of home grown fruits and vegetables; he lived more than 400 miles from me. It was a treat when we visited Granddad Troilo…yes he is Italian and was born in Italy! Even though he was a wonderful mentor to me - in many ways - it was my husband who first taught me the value of nutrition…and especially the lesson that sometimes the ugliest fruit and vegetables are in fact the best tasting ones!

Kevin also proved to me that when you do shop in markets for your produce, the ugliest produce is the best produce to buy! Think about it…and it took me a while to believe him…the stores cover our precious, natural healthy gift from the earth, with such things as wax!!! Why??…To make it look pretty so we will buy it! I don’t want to eat wax, do you?

Another point to consider is that ugly produce that is going “bad” in your refrigerator or bowl on your counter. STOP throwing it away and EAT IT!  If it has ripened beyond your liking, cook it or freeze it to place it in a smoothie  later. Be creative, but don’t waste it. The other day I made applesauce from “old” apples. It was so easy and quick. I promise you if I can make it, you can, too!

I am grateful for the story shared on   It has reminded me that my journey to Take 2 Wellness began 25 years ago, thanks to my husband Kevin!


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