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Ready To Finally Meet Your Health Goals?

Most of us always have a health goal or two in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, clear up your skin, or something entirely different, it’s completely human to always be working toward something. Read More

4:13 pm

Why Gratitude is the Secret Sauce to Health

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work

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2:18 pm

How to Find Your Spiritual Side

At Integrative Nutrition, Joshua teaches that spirituality is a vital part of a person's primary food – what sustains you beyond your plate, like your career, relationships, exercise, and spirituality. Read More

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Buckwheat Pancakes for the Dr. OZ Show!

Last week I received a phone call from the associate producer of the Dr. Oz show! Read More

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4 Running Basics for Beginners

Are you a runner, or do you hate anything that even comes close to a slow jog? 

Were you forced to run the mile in high school and hated every minute of it, or did you breeze through it like a natural-born marathon runner?

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Take 2 Wellness has a New Look!

Welcome to the new Take2Welless.com! It has been quite an exciting summer for me with many projects, including a new website. I hope you enjoy it and can navigate easily. I am very excited about the new recipe section. Visit the site often and keep an eye out for new recipes! I am constantly searching for new dishes to help my clients, and I am also always experimenting and creating new ones of my own. If you have created a recipe that you would like to share, please send it to me and you will get your name listed in the credits. :)

I have also been enjoying my summer functional nutrition courses. As my clients know, I am always in school, learning the systems of the body, or keeping up with new developments in health and wellness. This month I am studying the cardiovascular system. While I am learning so very much, one thing that is still at the top of the list is how cane sugar is toxic to our systems. If you work with me then you know how much I dislike this white stuff! If you do nothing else for yourself, GIVE UP SUGAR! Try coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar instead. It is much lower on the glycemic index and not as addictive as cane sugar. If you missed the 60 minute segment that aired several years ago, take a look at it here. You will be amazed.

The Take 2 Wellness Coaching Program is growing as fast as a summer garden!!! It has been a wonderful summer for me as I am enjoying meeting many executives who want to Take 2 Wellness by reclaiming their health. I am the nutritional consultant for The Atlanta Internists Executive Wellness Program, and I am honored to work with Dr. James Capo, Dr. Kelleen Fitzgerald, and their team. You will find me speaking at their seminar series again this fall. On November 7 we will be discussing how to "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry this Holiday Season!"

I hope you and your family have had a relaxing summer, and enjoyed at least a little slower pace than usual. If you have children and are getting back into the school routine, don't forget to schedule time for the family to share the evening meal together!

To your health,


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How to Actually Get 5 Servings of Vegetables a Day

Only about 25% of adults get enough vegetables in a day – if you don’t include French fries, that is. Maybe it’s the fast food mentality that’s so prevalent or maybe it’s pure laziness. Read More

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Take A Look At My most Recent Recipe Creations!

I have been having a blast in the kitchen! Since two of the four of us in my family are gluten free*, and I am dairy free...not by choice I can tell you that :), I have turned my home's kitchen into a test kitchen! And you get to benefit, too!! Because my daughter has even more intolerances than I do, I often have to limit the spices I use in my recipes. Becasue of that, if you try something and add your own touch, please leave a comment and share what you do so we may all enjoy it as well.

While I have tried to stay away from grains for a while, every now and then I do want a feel good meal or treat.* Over the last month with this crazy cold weather, my family and clients have enjoyed these recipes below. Just remember, use real, organic ingredients whenever possible, and avoid GMO's and additives!!  Homemade indulgences are okay in moderation.Get ready, because spring is on my mind and I love the lighter menu it invites for so many of us... so stay tuned!

Here are a few new additions that may be found in the recipe tab of my website:

Creamy Butternut Squash Orzo (with Chicken) 

Brown Rice & Buckwheat Bread 

Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal Muffins 

*My daughter and I have been confirmed gluten intolerant by the ALCAT Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Blood Test, as well as by our own mindfullness and food diary/journals. If you suspect an intolerance, call me today for a free consultation. We can determine if a simple elimination diet can help you based on your symptoms, or perhaps the ALCAT is your best option.

 **I do not think grains are bad for you! Real, whole grains, prepared properly, have great nutritional value. However, for me, with my health issues, I have found my inflammatory response lessons when I  eat them in moderation...especially the baked indulgences! When my family sees the KitchenAid on the counter, joy fills the air! :)

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Ugly Produce? Thanks Kevin!!

Our children grew up eating their vegetables! No picky eaters in the Jameson house! Read More