Saying Yes to Becoming Your Own Boss

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Setting your own hours, doing work you love, and sharing your true passion are all perks of being your own boss. While it may seem overwhelming to make the step to becoming the leader of your success, as your own boss, you now have the ability to manifest your future and create the life you’ve dreamed of.


Your job plays a crucial role in your health and happiness. It’s what you’re doing each day and should be something you enjoy! In fact, at Integrative Nutrition, career is a key area of primary food – the things that don’t come on a plate that feed your soul. Other areas include physical activity, relationships, and spirituality. When you are satisfied in these pillars, you’ll live a happier and healthier life.


But we get it! Becoming your own boss is an exciting, yet completely intimidating experience. Unless you’ve done it before, when you make the move to follow a passion and become your own boss, you likely won’t know exactly what you’re doing, what your next week will look like, or what you’re going to earn.


Here are a few ways to say yes and be successful as your own boss.


1. Avoid self-doubt.
Know that changing your career is normal and possible! When you realize you’re in a position that’s no longer filling your life with joy, it’s time for a change, and that’s okay. Often, when people decide to make the switch, they feel anxious, scared, and maybe even lost. These feelings are normal when making big changes. Keep a positive mind-set, be proactive, and know that what you’re doing is going to have an impact on the world and how you feel.


2. Have a plan.
Maybe this week you’re going to work on your website or maybe you’ll start creating video content for sharing. Each week may look different – some with longer hours and more effort, others feeling quiet or balanced. As your own boss, you have the opportunity to create the life you want, but it is all up to you. Create lists, calendars, and a schedule to take the steps toward building your new business.


3. Build your connections.
One of the best parts of Integrative Nutrition is the incredible community we share. Health Coaches and graduates of the school all share a deep passion for health and wellness. Be open to sharing more about your new adventure with others and be willing to take feedback. You’ll never know the connections you can build unless you put yourself out there!


4. Find what makes you tick.
Once you find your passion, go with it! When you are authentic about what you love, people will resonate with it. Find your niche within the industry and use it to your advantage.


5. Follow your heart.
There’s a reason you’ve either been thinking about changing your path or already made the decision to do it. It might not make sense to your family or friends, but trust your gut and follow your passion – the results will come.


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