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Get Your Green On! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you come from an Irish family as I do...well I have to be honest, I am Irish/Italian :)... then you are well aware that this day means a boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and BEER! However, since my own health transformation, I have been left with no choice but to modify the Irish family favorites. It is true that there are still so many family members who think "you can't mess with the sacred meal!" But then there are my Italian foodies who thank me for it!

So if you are wondering what to cook for dinner tonight and want to have a festive table, try this and let me know how it goes!

Let's get our green on by roasting brussels sprouts! YES, I did say brussels sprouts! They come from the same cruciferous family of vegetables as our beloved cabbage, but offer a full day supply of vitamins C & K. Instead of boiling away the nutrients, let's roast them! Simply wash them, and then cut in half, coat with olive oil, sea salt & pepper and roast at 425 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. They have become one of my husband's favorite vegetables. If you really want your cabbage, try slicing red and green cabbage, then sauté in avocado oil and garlic...delicious! 

One of my favorite ways to prepare potatoes is to roast them as well. Many times I roast the brussels sprouts and heirloom potato medley together. The potato has received a bad name over the years, but if you eat them in moderation, they provide fiber, potassium, and Vit. B all while remaining low in cholesterol as long as you don't fry them!

How about some corned beef? I have always cooked it in beer, and now I still do...but my beer is gluten free! The simplest and most delicious way to cook your corned beef is to place the brisket into your crockpot, pour a bottle of Omission or Estrella Damm Daura over it and let it cook all day long! I usually place it on high for at least 6 hours, and low if I will be away and have it on for 8 or more hours.

Finally, I have to have the IRISH SODA BREAD! But being gluten free and dairy free this one was not easy. But I came up with a recipe I have to share. 

Get the recipe for my Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Cane Sugar Free, IRISH SODA BREAD here!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day from my family to yours!! Love, Margie Mawn Jameson

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